How To Pick the Right Used Pallet Rack

As mentioned before, you can save both time and money when investing in Used Pallet Racks vs. New Pallet Racks. Almost all Pallet Racking, that are produced in North America and meet RMI standards, will store pallets safely. However, even budget minded businesses who regularly purchase Used Equipment want uniformity and not a mismatch of different brands.

To make things simple for our customers, Russell Industries has constructed a guide of the more popular and widely distributed brands so the customers can match it to the products they have on hand. We have also included a few easy tips to consider anytime you want to add more Racks to your warehouse.

Once you have determined which brand, the next step is determining which sizes and which weight capacities work for your warehouse. The following chart will help with the basics, but here are a few other tips to keep in mind when purchasing a Used Pallet Rack:
  • Most pallet are 40 W x 48 D
  • Typical Warehouse Forklifts (3 stage sit down) are designed to handle 5-6K and only reach 15'9

Make sure the Pallet Racking you are purchasing are not too short or too tall, can handle pallets in the 2500-3000# range and are 36 - 48 in depth (42 or 44 is optimal). Also make sure they are not damaged or rusty (light surface rust is OK.)

At Russell Industries we do our best to help customers make informed decisions about which products are best suited for their current situation. Both our locations, Houston or Irving Texas have experienced salespersons that can answer all your questions and help you get the best bang for your buck.