Pallet Rack Sale - Houston

At Russell Industries we strive to find quality used Pallet Racks in popular sizes - 42 /44 , 48 or 36 depth - to offer our valued customers. We have an extensive used pallet rack inventory and either need to find additional storage space or drastically discount for our customers. We chose the latter which is great news for potential and existing customers in the Houston area.

For a limited time we are offering RiguRack brand Pallet Racks at a substantially reduced price. The heavy-duty pallet racks are available in an attractive size - 14' x 44 Uprights with 90 x 4.5 Beams - rated at over 7000 lbs per level! Uprights and beams are in very good condition without damage and the paint looks outstanding. You will not find a better deal on quality storage racks anywhere in Texas!

Stock Available:
  • 14' x 44" RiguRack Uprights - now $55.00 ea
  • 90" x 44" RiguRack Beams - now $16.00 ea
  • 44" x 44" Wire Deck to fit - now $15.00 ea

Over 700 uprights and 4000 beams in stock!

If 14' or 90 beams won't work for your facility, we have an expansive inventory of Teardrop Racks and other popular brands. Our everyday, competitive pricing is hard to beat as well as our industry-leading customer service and lead times. We consistently provide top-notch service and have the finest installation team in the Texas/Oklahoma/Louisiana area.

Call today and speak with our experienced sales team at either location - Houston or Dallas/Ft. Worth (Irving).