How to Prevent Pallet Rack Damage

There are a variety of ways that your pallet racks can be accidentally damaged throughout the workday. One common way damage can occur is a collision between your forklift trucks, their loads and your storage racks.

Below are a few ways to prevent further damage to your pallet racks:
  • Convince your forklift drivers to report any collisions immediately
  • Have yearly professional checks on your pallet racks
  • Regularly inspect your pallet rack
  • Invest in crash guards and other products to preserve the lift of your material handling equipment

To inspect the possible damage to your frame, RackCare Ltd has recently developed a tool to gauge the damage to racking. This tool is affordable, only about the size of a credit card, durable and made from stainless steel. Below is a video showing how to use this simple one of a kind tool to gauge the damage to your pallet rack.