Pallet Flow Racks

Similar in concept to pushback rack is a Pallet Flow System. Pallet Flow Rack is a multi-deep, high density storage system with a first in first out or FIFO method of storage and retrieval.

Pallet Flow Rack is similar to Selective Type Pallet Racks utilizing Upright Frames and Horizontal Beams, can be retrofitted to most brands and types. Instead of placing your Pallet directly on Beams as with Selective Racks, Pallet Flow Rack Systems use roller lanes that are installed on the beams at a slight incline. Pallet loads are delivered into the rear (or front on some systems) of the rack assisted by Entry Guides. The load then flows to the front face via the gravity assisted roller lanes until it reaches the pallet stop. Lanes of pallet floor rails usually have built-in 'brakes' that work to slow the pallets to a smooth gentle pace as they glide down the lane.

Product density is high within a Pallet Flow structure and because it requires much less aisle space and it will maximize your floor space. Many Industries can benefit from a high density, FIFO system. Good Examples are Grocery and Drug Distribution Centers where the rotation of perishables is critical and the cost of warehouse space is high. Properly designed lane depths and SKU zones will maximize storage utilization.

Design consideration must account for the unavoidable height requirement dictated by the required incline, especially in large or deep bay systems, though still much better than a Pushback System.

One of the biggest strengths of pallet flow rails over pushback is that flow rails will allow a longer lane. For example, while pushback may be able to store pallets 5 pallets deep, a pallet flow system will allow as many as 10-15 pallets deep.

Russell Industries can provide New or Used Flow Rack or PUSHBACK by several Manufacturers along with Professional Installation to provide you with effective High Density Storage Solution. We can also help assist with layout and drawings if required.

Author: Randy Crider

Title: Sales consultant/Solutions expert

Location: Houston, TX