How to Order a Pallet Rack Like a Pro

The most common questions for customers is how high, how wide, how long and what capacity Pallet Racks do I need? This guide applies to new or used Pallet Racks no matter who the manufacturer is. It is designed to help beginner or experienced buyers understand what they are buying and how to purchase the right materials.


Beam capacities are based on a pair of beams supporting an evenly distributed load. Determine the weight of each pallet load and multiply times the number of loads per shelf.

Example: a pallet load weighs 2000lbs and there are two pallets per shelf. A beam capacity in excess of 4000 lbs is required.

*Note: Some Beams such as 132 or 144 long are designed to hold 3 pallets per level, keep this in mind. You will find that longer beams have a lower capacity because of their length. This is why 8' and 9' Beams are the most common.


Rack depth is the depth of a single upright/frame. It depends on the design and size of pallet used. The front and back of the pallet should overhang approximately 3 .

Example: A 48 deep pallet requires a 42 deep frame - 3 overhang for both front and back


Beam length is the distance between a pair of uprights/frames in each rack bay. Required beam length is determined by adding the width of pallet loads, plus 4 clearance between pallet loads, plus 4 clearance between loads and each upright/frame.

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