How to Order the Right Pallet Rack

Most customers that work in warehouses, or store products have an idea of what they want to accomplish, but do not know the basics for purchasing Pallet Racks. The most common questions for customers are, "How High, How Wide, How Long and What Capacity Pallet Racks do I need?"Also, what will maximize the consumer's warehouse and work with existing equipment (forklifts, etc.)

This guide applies to NEW and USED Pallet Racks and will help the beginner, or even experienced buyers understand what they are buying and how to purchase the right materials. You can also call either of our locations (Houston or Irving) to talk with one of our knowledgeable Sales Representatives. They will answer the how to and why It's done this way types of questions and make suggestions of products that are on hand that will work with a client's particular situation.

Here is a helpful list of suggestions to follow when ordering your next material handling equipment:

Beam Capacity

Beam capacities are based on a pair of beams supporting an evenly distributed load. You need to determine the weight of each pallet load and then multiply times the number of loads per shelf. Example: a pallet load weighs 2000lbs and there are two pallets per shelf. A beam capacity in excess of 4000lbs is required

*Note - Some beams such as 132 or 144 long are designed to hold 3 pallets per level, keep this in mind. You will also find the longer beams have a lower capacity because of their length; this is why 8' and 9' beams are the most common and generally carry the most weight.

Rack Depth

Rack depth is the depth of a single upright/frame. It depends on the design and size of the pallets being used.The front and back of the pallet should overhang approximately 3 .

Example - 48 deep pallet requires a 42 deep frame. (3 overhang for both front and back)

Beam Length

Beam length is the distance between a pair of uprights/frames in each rack bay. Required beam length is determined by adding the width of pallet loads, plus 4 clearance between pallet loads, plus 4 clearance between loads and each upright/frame.

This guide will certainly help the consumer understand why ordering the correct sizes and capacities will make your pallet storage cost effective, safe and functional. Talking with one of our professionals is your next step. They can help you choose the correct products and also assist with logistic and safety concerns along with helping you layout your project for best flow and presentation.

We are located in Houston and Irving, Texas, we offer Professional Installation of everything we sell and can Ship anywhere.