Are you Moving your Business?

Are you planning on relocating your business and wondering - How in the world are we going to move our Warehouse Equipment? You already have enough on your mind with looking at new properties, local regulations and moving offices and essential equipment including computers and communication equipment. But, if you haven't considered what to do about your warehouse, you will need help.

Have no fear! Russell Industries can help you with several rack and installation options. With a reputation of being the premier installation company in the Texas/Louisiana/Oklahoma Area, we can move all of your existing Pallet Racks and install at your new facility in a matter of days, not weeks.

Not only can we provide labor for the actual dismantling and reassembly, but we also provide transportation and design services when needed. As a dealer, we have an extensive inventory stocked with new Teardrop Pallet Racks and used Pallet Racks by most major manufacturers. We can also provide additional or replacements Pallet Racks for you new location. We do accept trade-ins or buy your Pallet Racks outright if you are downsizing. The scope of our work is not just confined to Pallet Racks, we also carry Cantilever, Shelving, Guide-rails and just about anything for warehouse and/or material handling needs.

We have the ability to fabricate Specialty Racks and install Security Cages or Mezzanines for upper deck storage. Call either of our locations to have one of our experienced representatives visit your locations and work with you to address your potential moving problems with helpful advice and solutions. We can help you alleviate and anticipate some of the headaches involved with moving warehouse facilities.

HOUSTON 713-692-7225 or IRVING 877-718-7225