Most Popular Style in U.S. Today

Another common type of pallet rack is the teardrop rack. This is a very efficient way to store products of various sizes. Considered to be the most economical and resourceful storage rack, this method has gained popularity through various customers. A teardrop rack can hold different weights because the pallet racks rest on the horizontal beams adding extra support. These racks are simple to assemble as well as sturdy, making this option the obvious choice for displaying inventory. Due to the growing popularity and abundance of teardrop pallet racks, it is easy to find replacements or parts for this unit creating an advantage over other storage equipment. Also, because of the common teardrop design, you can mix and match several different brands without having to worry about mismatched parts. Teardrop racks are compatible with other teardrop rack systems and are the most popular style manufactured in the U.S. today. Russell Industries stocks American made teardrop products ensuring their safety and quality.