Material Handling Equipment Teardown & Relocation

Correct equipment tear-down is just as important as the installation process. Our clients often tell us that they are going to have their own employees disassemble their pallet racking. While this may seem like a good idea at the time, it is often a mistake.

#1- Russell Industries only uses professional installers with a proven work history and a vast knowledge of the Industry. Our installers understand SAFETY is a priority.

#2- When the time comes to either reassemble the material or sell it, and if unqualified workers did the tear-out, it can be a nightmare finding the right pieces or trying to reassemble damaged material. Our professional crew will properly stack and band all materials, label all materials for identification and maintain proper placement during re-assembly.

#3- Russell Industries crews have loaded thousands of trucks and know the proper procedures for loading, unloading plus moving material in and out of warehouses. The last thing you need during a relocation is damage to your racks. Having pros do the move will eliminate unnecessary damage plus accomplish the task much faster.

#4- Logistics and Time Considerations- We will discuss your schedule beforehand and start your project with a real plan. Our salespeople will develop a layout your new facility that utilizes your racks in the most efficient manner. We will then work with you to develop a schedule to meet your needs and accomplish the project in a quick, safe timetable.

Moving a Business is extremely stressful!! You have many issues to deal with and several problems you are not aware of yet. Trying to save a few dollars using your employees might seem like a good idea, but unnecessary delays, damage and the risk of injuring employees make hiring professionals a wise business decision.

Russell Industries is the premier Installation Company for the Texas/Oklahoma/Louisiana area with over 40 years' experience. No job is too big or too small for us!!! We also can provide fabrication service that can be a big plus on project with special applications. Call either of our locations to speak with a Salesman!

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