Making Things Less "Mezzy"

Each warehouse or distribution center has its own unique challenges to overcome. No one wants a messy , unorganized work space. It has been said that, Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. (Drucker) Being efficient AND effective go hand-in-hand to ensure we truly maximize our plant productivity. Russell Industries provides new and used warehouse equipment, and more importantly, products that provide solutions┬Žnot more problems.

We were approached by a client to provide them with a solution specific to their location and processing needs:


They had several warehouses on their property that were filled to capacity with different types of materials. This prevented them from accessing any of the necessary materials they needed. There wasn't any more space available on the property to build more warehouses. They needed to maximize their existing warehouse space.


We evaluated their warehouse and decided to implement a mezzanine system to the existing building to for additional storage space.


The additional storage space allows the client to move the existing floor materials above and provides space for an office beneath the mezzanine structure. Mezzanines allow you to maintain movement through full utilization of both the floor-level and the platform-level space with no cross bracing between support columns. We can build a mezzanine in any space that has an eve height of at least 16'

For information on the mezzanine systems we have available or for a free design consultation you can give us a call at 877.718.7225 or visit us online at Stop by our main office in Houston, TX or our DFW, TX area location.