Keeping our Customers Informed

Our philosophy here at Russell Industries has always been the more information we can share with our customers, the more likely both of our businesses will thrive. Sure, we sell a wide range of products but we are also in the business of developing partnerships and helping your company/warehouse to run as efficiently as possible. Price is important to everyone, but just as important is the level of service and expertise we can provide that separates us from the competition.

We constantly update our FAQ section and try to cover all our products and services with blog articles, product announcements, email newsletters and our project spotlights. We do our best to include as many photos and visual examples to highlight our products and installation capabilities, but sometimes nothing is better than watching something being done.

To make this easier and more educational, we are now in production of creating various How-To videos to share with our customers. We will tackle basic projects like building a section of pallet rack, hanging beams, wire decks, etc. We also will show how easy it is to keep things square, anchor to the floor and building things correctly the first time.

Large/tall installations should still be handled by professionals and Russell Industries has a premier installation team than tackle any size project in the Texas/Oklahoma/Louisiana Area. Being able to install simple projects in-house can save time and money, but just make sure they are installed correctly to protect your merchandise and employees. Be safe!

We hope this new feature will be informative, easy to understand and enjoyable (we will do our best to make these fun). Check back to our news section and social media channels frequently for the latest on Russell Industries!