Is Your Business OSHA Compliant?

If you own a warehousing business, you should just embrace the fact that OSHA is a fixture in your life. Though a perceived pain to deal with at times, the free assistance they provide to prevent major accidents in your workplace is often times truly beneficial. Don't let a safety citation be the first reminder to your staff that safe practices are important.

If you haven't thought about safety in a while¦take a moment to think about accidents that can occur in your warehouse. Are your employees reporting accidents to you as they happen such as bumping rack with a forklift? Chances are the beams shifted as well as the product it holds. But if It's not reported through some type of established protocol, the next unsuspecting operator may pay the price and experience a collapse. That's when OSHA steps in and starts issuing fines left and right.

In any case, It's a good idea to preach safety and make your employees aware of safety posters and warnings. Below is a list of OSHA's most commonly issued Warehousing citations that give you an idea of what happens in most warehouses. Visit their site at so you can download free safety posters to hang all around your business to help address hazard issues in a warehouse and the solutions that can be adopted to reduce accidents.

  1. Forklifts
  2. Hazard communication
  3. Electrical, wiring methods
  4. Electrical, system design
  5. Guarding floor & wall openings and holes
  6. Exits
  7. Mechanical power transmission
  8. Respiratory protection
  9. Lockout/Tagout
  10. Portable fire extinguishers

For hazard warnings and solutions for each of the above citations, download the OSHA Warehousing Pocket Guide and post it around your warehouse.

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