Interlake Newstyle Pallet Rack History

Interlake, also known as The United Fixtures Company, began production over 134 years ago. Interlake's roots date back to a small furniture shop in 1880 proudly owned by M.E. McMasters in Shelbyville, Missouri. McMasters was the earnest, hardworking man behind the barbed steel staple that was used to join wooden bed rails that soon became the successful addition to what later resulted in the Quincy Plate and Staple Manufacturing Company two years later in Quincy, Illinois.

Soon after that, Acme Flexible Clasp Company bought them out and then expanded into other finished goods. Acme managed to produce these goods, and the company was doing pretty well considering the major decline all companies were facing during the Depression. However,though they had grown steadily and expanded to newer product lines, they had yet to be fully integrated as a steel manufacturer. Acme was mainly involved in the final stages of steel production and manufacturing finished goods. Interlake Iron Corporation had a similar situation in only having one production process that comprised of pig iron, coke, and ferroalloys.

  • In 1964, Acme Steel and Interlake Iron officially merged, creating the name Interlake Steel Corporation. In 1968, they acquired Redirack Industries, which was a Canadian warehouse storage products firm
  • In 1969 Interlake acquired Lodi Fab Industries from Lodi, CA. They manufactured storage rack systems which gave Interlake new products and allowed them to establish their presence in the western U.S
  • Interlake also formed a joint venture company as Kawatesu/Interlake LTD which marketed storage rack systems in Japan
  • In October 1974 Interlake acquired a British material handling firm called Dexion Comino International
  • In December of 1974, Interlake acquired A.J Bayer Company- a manufacturer of conveyor systems
  • In 2008, Mecalux signed a contract for acquisition of Interlake assets and finalized the deal in 2009, bringing Interlake Mecalux to the fore