Increase Warehouse Productivity by Improving Order Picking

If you are looking at ways to improve your warehouse performance/productivity, take a look at your order picking process. The greatest expenditure of effort in warehouses (for retail and many industries) is in the ordering picking process. Chances are you can do a better job managing your staff and your product to increase efficiencies in this area. Below are suggested areas of improvement.

Warehouse Layout: Store the most frequently picked items closest to the shipping areas to minimize picking time. You can increase your competitive advantage this way by constantly reviewing their sales data to ensure that the items are stored close to the shipping area are still the most frequently picked.

Location: Minimize travel time between picking locations by developing a process to regularly monitor travel times and storage locations.

Eliminate Pick Ticket Errors: A rather expensive options for maximizing warehouse production is adding pick-to-light and voice recognition technologies. Operators can scan a bar-coded label attached to the product and be digitally informed of the item and quantity that they need to pick. Voice picking systems inform the operator of pick instructions through a headset. The pick instructions are sent via RF from the company's ERP or order management software without the need of a computer screen. Companies can gain significant efficiencies as both options are totally paperless and eliminate the errors caused by pick tickets.

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