HD CANTILEVER RACKS - Being installed in Houston!

Russell Industries offers high-quality, structural Cantilever Racks that are ideal for the small shop to a large DC or manufacturing facility trying to increase productivity. Cantilever Racks are ideal for storage of long and irregular length items such as steel, pipe or lumber. Traditional Pallet Racks limit the user because they offer no flexibility and generally will not have the capacity needed.

Russell Industries Cantilever Racks are constructed of heavy-duty, structural steel that safely handles loads as light as PVC or electrical conduit up to plate steel, drilling pipe or dense lumber storage. A structural-designed Cantilever versus a roll-formed, manufactured Cantilever will not only provide the user with more flexibility and safety, but are extremely durable and can last for decades if properly taken care of (not overloaded or subjected to harsh environmental conditions).

Russell Industries can provide heights from 12' to 20' (or higher) with arms ranging from 3' to 5' - capacity from 2000# per arm to 3000# or greater, single or double sided along with professional installation.

Installation is where Russell Industries leads the competition! We have the proven ability to install anywhere and can handle any size project - from local warehouses to international manufacturing and distribution centers - promptly, professionally and safely! With over 40 years of experience we provide design services, logistic support and hands on advice to ensure your system is exactly what you envisioned.

Below are a few photos of a recent project (start to finish) we completed for a high-profile oil and gas supplier in the Houston area. Safety and quality are important to all of our customers, but is everything to the oil and gas industries! (See our PROJECT SPOTLIGHT section on our Website for more details on this and other completed projects)

Arrival of Material

Completed Rows - 20' Tall w/3000# cap angled arms with stops

When you think of Cantilever Racks, think Russell Industries first and foremost! You will be rewarded with top quality racks at competitive pricing along with industry leading customer service, professional and safe installation and a company that works on your schedule!

Our goal is to make your cantilever rack storage solution with Russell Industries a cost effective investment that will provide years of reliable and safe service that will continue to pay you back by making your facility as efficient as possible.

More more information call or visit our main office in Houston or our Dallas/Ft.Worth location at 877.718.7225 or online at www.palletracksystems.com.