Experience Counts

Russell Industries is now celebrating 45 years in the material handling business! This may just seem like a number to some, but when you start comparing it to others in the industry you quickly realize that Experience Counts . It seems every time the economy starts to improve, every guy with a pickup truck and has some "experience" in a warehouse becomes an equipment dealer and expert.

How will you know who to trust the future of your business, the safety of your employees and inventory to?

Don Russell, our owner, started this company 45 years ago installing Pallet Racks, Mezzanines and Rack Systems. He not only started the company, but actually worked on the projects, hung the beams, loaded the trucks and personally made sure quality and safety were at the core of his new business. After several years working hard and gaining experience he won the confidence of all the major manufacturers and now is a Preferred Installer for the largest manufacturers doing work anywhere in the United States.

And it doesn't stop there, our Houston location has over 100 years combined experience. All of our managers and sales staff have the same type of hands on experience in the field and in the office.

You can have the same level of confidence dealing with our Irving (DFW) office. The team in Dallas has several members with close to 20 years in the business and is quickly becoming the premier Pallet Rack company in the DFW area.

When you talk with a salesperson from Russell Industries you are going to be dealing with true professionals who will not try sell you what they want or need to move that day, but what you actually need to make your business more productive, profitable, safe and well organized working environment.

This month we are liquidating an extensive lot of Pushback Racks and have recently acquired a giant inventory of like-new, heavy-duty RiguRack Pallet Racks. Give either of our locations a call today for more information!

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