Conveyor Maintenance

Even though you may depend greatly on your conveyor system, not a lot of thought goes into the preventative maintenance until there's a breakdown. Then its drop everything you are doing and put out the fire. Your companys whole process could be frozen, employees are doing nothing, shipments are late, and your credibility as an on time/worthy company is on trial. Here are some common issues that may be overlooked.
  • Lack of regular inspections. Most manufacturing operations give the attention to the production equipment, but the inventory coming and going is whats important. Having a regular inspection completed by Russell Industries may help your employees to better understand the equipment they are using and take ownership of its care.
  • Maintenance logs are a good way to keep up with the history of your equipment. Dates of maintenance, tasks performed, and any problematic items to watch for the next time a maintenance is performed. This is most useful in facilities where multiple shifts are in use, or even if personnel changes are made. In any case, good record keeping is the best bet.
  • Motor and reducer temperatures should be monitored on a regular basis. Motors can overheat, and a temperature increase can indicate a that something is being overloaded. Most of you do not have a backup line, so when a motor overheats and dies, it will result in downtime¦and you know what that means.
  • Parts inventory- Its often too late when you realize¦that part needed takes days, sometimes weeks to get. Of course, its not critical to inventory every part, but there are certain parts that may need to sit on a shelf until that day arrives for its need¦motors, couplings for line shafts, photo eyes, and bearings. A good survey of your current system by Russell Industries can result in a good inventory list suggestion.
  • Training- failing to train employees in the operation of those conveyor practices can lead to problems and possibly a breakdown. When well trained, employees can become the eyes and ears for alerting supervisors to potential problems. By knowing how conveyors operate, how to avoid their misuse and how to spot maintenance issues, employees become the first line of defense for minimizing problems and reducing costs.

Of course, there are more ways to prevent a breakdown, and even reduce cost on your current operation by having Russell industries come by and do an evaluation. Please call us us today for an evaluation of your current system. 877-718-7225