Selective Rack Components

Combining vertical frames with horizontal load beams, a selective pallet rack provides total accessibility to the product, especially important if the inventory is rapidly depleted and restocked. Easily the most popular racking system in use today, it provides versatility for warehouses that have a wide variety of product types, as well as in retail store inventory rooms, cold storage applications, wholesale stores, etc. Structural uprights can be utilized with either structural or roll formed beams to achieve the optimum combination of strength, value and flexibility.

Components of Selective Racks include:

  1. Load Beams
  2. Upright Frames
  3. Diagonal and Horizontal Braces
  4. Pallet Supports
  5. Wire Decking
  6. Footplates
  7. Shims
  8. Row Spacers
  9. Wall Ties
  10. Column Protectors
  11. Guard Rails

Russell Industries offers a variety of selective rack solutions that are going to provide you with the most efficient utilization of your space. We work side by side with customers to make sure that we are providing the best in class service and educate them on what a good racking system will help them achieve. If your goal is to increase productivity and reduce the amount of time spent on locating inventory then let Russell Industries work for you!

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