Most Common Types of Pallet Racks

There are two different types of Pallet Rack Systems that are commonly used. The first one is drive- in/drive -thru pallet rack which is a cost-effective way to store an abundance of inventory. This method of storing allows for forklifts to drive directly to the rack with its LIFO/FIFO configurations, but this in turn causes damage to the racks from the trucks.

This is a common option for stocking a large amount of few product types. One of the advantages of using a drive- in/drive- thru system is that fewer aisles are required and this increases storage density by up to 75%. Drive- in/drive- thru systems are typically used for warehousing similar products and like-sized pallets.

Another common form is a pushback pallet rack which is typically used to fill the storage unit with product instead of clogging up the aisles.A pushback rack can store pallets 2-5 deep all while maintaining easy access. When removing a product, pushback racks use gravity as an aid to bring the new inventory rolling forward to replace the existing inventory from the pallet.

The main purpose of a pushback rack is to reduce aisle floor space and increase your storage capabilities. A pushback rack system can effectively store up to 90% more pallets than other storage equipment.