Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack is unlike many other forms of rack warehouses seek for their products. Warehouses that store long pieces of pipe, carpet, timber, sheet metal and any of your unconventionally shaped goods this is the rack for you.

Cantilever is completely customizable to accommodate the array of products with the cantilever arms being able to adjust in as little as 3 inch increments on rolled-form and 4 inch on your structural models. Cantilever provides an easy access to products and since there are no uprights the stability of the rack is greatly increased since there is no main support for a forklift to run into. Furthermore to obtain the most convenience and versatility of stored products drop in steel decks, arm stops and saddles for deck supports can be installed. This increases the stability and safety of the product on the rack from rolling off the arms.

For extra storage capacity not limiting direct access to each load, cantilever can also be mounted to a mobile system. The cantilever is the strongest and safest arm locking method in the industry, thus creating the most secure connection to maximize total capacity, all do to its Lok-joint patent. This was designed to prevent tampering, disengagement of use, and damage proof. Russell Industries sells, buys, and even installs. Contact one of our professional team members for help designing your warehouse today!