Cantilever Rack

This a lighter duty Cantilever Rack . The customer ordered the Storage Solution and Russell Industries fabricated, refurbished and repainted the rack to the customer's direct specifications, the customer did their own installation. Another example of the flexibility the Russell Industries Team gives to their customers.
  • Russell Industries Cantilever Racks can provide superior storage solutions. It can be custom designed to give the customer an ideal configuration specific to the needs and storage space available. Cantilever Rack can maximize space both vertically and horizontally to provide the customer with an economical and efficient storage and retrevial system. In addition, the all-structural steel fabrication ensures a long and durable life for your storage investment.Benefits of using Cantilever Rack:Minimize footprint of storage space while maximizing vertical and horizontal space.

    Capitalize on the higher lifting capacity and operational capability of lifting equipment.

    Avoid the expense of product loss/damage through bypassing the pile-up method of on-the-floor storage.

    Reduce handling time and enhance efficiency of inventory control by improving access of storage space.

    Minimize cost of damaged product from storage structure obstacles.

    Economy of saving increases significantly as load length, height and bulkiness increases.

    Simple installation, low maintenance and rugged operation increase the life of your cantilever racks.