Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Rack is specifically designed to store oddly sized or bulky materials that cannot be handled by traditional type Pallet Racks because of the limitations imposed by beams lengths. Because of the unhindered access due to no front column, Cantilever Racks are ideal for pipe, lumber storage or as Furniture Racks when decked.

Cantilever Racks come in Roll Formed Steel for lighter applications and Furniture Racks or Structural Steel for Heavy Duty and High Impact type of scenarios. Cantilever racks are composed of Uprights (or columns), Bases (can be single sided or double), Arms (which make the levels or shelves) and Bracing (to space the columns apart)


Columns are the Uprights or the backbone of a Cantilever System, they can be either single sided or double sided. Many manufacturers make their columns to be both. A column with Bases on only 1 side is single sided; a Column with 2 Bases (1 on each side) is used for double sided applications. NOTE- NEVER hang Arms on back side of single sided columns!!!!


Cantilever Arms make up to levels or shelves. They can be straight for use with flat items such as plywood and drywall or inclined for pipe storage. Some arms will have a lip or stop welded to the end to keep rolling stock from rolling forward.


The last component of cantilever rack is bracing. The braces go between uprights and stabilize the rack laterally. Braces are not intended to hold loads and should only ever be used to connect and brace the uprights in a row. Bracing can be either a straight beam or made in a X arrangement. Besides stabilizing the racks laterally, braces determine the spacing and come in various lengths to accommodate many sizes of products.

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Author: Randy Crider

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