Building a Cost-Effective Warehouse

In today's economy, most cannot afford to ignore cost saving solutions in their businesses. Warehouses, believe it or not, can drain your funds unnecessarily. They are typically used to manage emergency or regular restocking orders and returns so the inflow and outflow of products have to be efficient. Consider the following cost saving points before you build your next warehouse.

1. Select an inexpensive geographic location for your warehouse facility. It would likely be close to your manufacturing plant.

2. Construct a warehouse with a small footprint. This way you can manage your inventory so that the flow of products through the warehouse is quick, allowing the use of a smaller space.

3. Plan to share the facility with another company in order to split building costs.

4. Design the warehouse with partitions that are spaced with bays and shelves to allow products to be stacked as high as 30 feet, reducing the amount of floor space needed. Choose low-cost basic shelving, such as rivet shelving. Place conveyor belts up high where they do not interfere with the ground flow of traffic.

5. Build a cross dock and use it to store arriving shipments that a customer has already requested. You can move the items from receiving to shipping immediately, reducing the need for warehouse storage space.

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