Bluff Manufacturing Portable Dock Ramps

Russell Industries is a proud distributor of Bluff Manufacturing loading dock equipment including Portable Dock Ramps, Dock Boards and Plates, Dock Levelers, and Wheel Risers. Portable Dock Ramps, also referred to as Yard Ramps, are a safe and cost effective way to add value to your business and increase overall productivity. Most yard ramps perform one of two primary functions:

1. ) Ground-to-Truck Portable Steel Yard Ramps (SYS)
  • All steel welded construction.
  • Makes unloading trucks and railcars easy.
  • Capacities from 16,000 to 60,000 pounds.
  • Wide range of capacities and sizes available.
  • Solid rubber tires standard, pneumatic tires optional.
  • Double-action hydraulic pump mounted internally to protect it from accidental damage.
  • Heavy-duty wheels and solid rubber, pneumatic profile tires make positioning yard ramps easy.
  • Serrated grating provides excellent traction and the open design prevents buildup of water, snow, oil, grease and debris.
  • The optional towbar features a fast-locking, easy hook-up to yard ramps and makes towing over long distances practical.

2.) Dock-to-Ground Stationary Yard Ramps
  • All steel welded construction.
  • Easier handling of freight off docks.
  • 12,000 to 60,000 pounds capacities.
  • Lengths from 16' to 50' and more.
  • Widths from 70" to 120" and wider.
  • Leveling devices mechanical or hydraulic.
  • Traction provided by steel serrated grating and diamond plate.
  • Absorbs impact of lift truck & load entering the yard ram.
  • Standard safety chains hold yard ramp securely to the trailer or dock.
  • A full 8" above the driving surface of the ramp, Side Curbs offer maximum run-off protection.
  • Optional adjustable leg sets can be used to position the Bluff dock ramp for use with trailers and containers.

Russell Industries has over 40 years of experience in the industry, and is available to answer any questions about choosing the right Dock Ramp for your business. We take pride in offering the best products and solutions to our customers, and we are very pleased to distribute Bluff Manufacturing products. Please contact Russell Industries today to inquire about our loading dock equipment!

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