Benefits of Used Pallet Racking

Russell Industries will buy back your used pallet racking equipment for a fair amount of cash. In return, this is a good cost saving technique when planning to build out your warehouse; you can buy used pallet racking that has been restored. This is a huge way to get the same effect with less money and each used pallet rack has been repaired and is safe and secure. There is a potential savings of between 40 and 50% if you buy used pallet rack for your storage needs.

One thing to consider when buying a used pallet rack is the history behind why it is being sold. If you have found a used one for sale but the asking price is lower than competition by a lot and they Don't give you a history of the pallet rack, then this may not be the best purchasing decision.

Russell Industries will offer you reasonable pricing and a brief history of the pallet rack because we only buy from people we know and trust. Buying storage for your unit can get expensive between the cost for the equipment, the cost of assembly, cost of permits and taxes as well as shipping costs. The biggest way to save is by shopping with Russell Industries for used pallet racks and having us come and install your custom shelving at a reasonable price.