Benefits of a Mezzanine

Russell Industries will buy back used pallet racking if it was handled correctly and shows no sign of damage from the previous owner. One way a business can save money is to purchase used storage equipment from Russell. A used pallet rack mezzanine is a great choice for the customer that is eco-friendly and wants to save money along with any extra storage space.

Mezzanine is an Italian word and translates to middle; it is used here to describe a middle floor between the main floors of a building. They can either be built on top of a current racking system or in a completely different area depending on the customer's preference. Pallet rack mezzanines are designed to dictate your rack sizes, type of racking and number of sections. One of the great features to a mezzanine is that as your business expands, this pallet rack can expand along with you. You can add more sections to your system as needed and you can design this material handling equipment to make your items easily accessible from all sides.

Some other advantages of the pallet rack mezzanine include:

- High density storage

-Easily portable

-Simple to take down

-Power manual sto

This is a great choice if the customer needs something that will increase storage space in a small area at a lower cost. If you have used all of your floor space to store your products, why not expand the space by thinking vertically? The biggest advantage of the mezzanine is that it provides plenty of storage without taking up valuable floor space. Contact Russell Industries today to construct a customized plan to maximize your storage space.