Beam Clip Identification Guide

In a recent article, we provided a guide to help our customers identify the type of Pallet Racks they currently own by showing pictures of the most common upright columns sold in the Southwestern U.S. This article will expand on that by showing the different Beam Clips and point out some common misconceptions about mixing brands.

We will begin with the most common Teardrop Racks (2 centers), which includes Interlake and Mecalux. All Teardrops that are copies of Interlake's original design will interchange (although beware, some of the lesser manufacturers will not go together as well as the top tier manufacturers.) Interlake's New Style Design Beam Clips will also fit all Teardrop Copies but, Teardrop Clips (round buttons) will not fit New Style Uprights.

Tip- Some Teardrop Beams will have 2 buttons and some will have 3, they work the same and are 100% compatible.

The rest of the common type Beam Clips are shown below. If you still do not know what you have, or your clip is not listed below, please call either of our offices in Houston or Irving Texas and one of our experienced sales representatives will help you identify what you have been using and what will work best for you.