Alternative, Cost Saving Uses for Mezzanine Flooring

Traditionally, mezzanine flooring is used to increase space for businesses without increasing operational costs. However, there are other great uses for this space that can add functionality to your building and even help increase productivity.

Add more office space to your business. Management can work from well built offices and remain close by production to better supervise staff. It's a great form of additional quality control for your business.

Increase security related roles. Mezzanine flooring creates an elevated position which is ideal for those in charge of security. Management or specialized security staff can monitor the rest of the floor with more ease. Controls such as alarms, vault access, main door and gate controls can be added to this area as well to add extra control to the building.

Develop a hospitality area to keep your staff happy. This space can be used for a break room or any other non-production activities. A room full of couches, tables and a snack bar can be a great way to keep your hard working employees refreshed and still have enough room for your production.

We can help you design and install your mezzanine floor as cost efficient as possible with our selection of new and used materials. We also offer modular offices for your mezzanine that we can install. Contact Russell Industries for more information.