We Sell New & Used Mezzanines

Space issues such as expensive leased space, land cost at an all-time high and construction may be scary factors to face when it comes time to look for a bigger space for your business. Call Russell Industries to see how you can maximize your current space before taking on a big purchase of a new warehouse.

A mezzanine rack system may be a great option for you because it uses height instead of valuable floor space. You can maintain movement through utilization of both the floor-level of your warehouse and the platform-level of the mezzanine maximizing available space.

Some of the benefits of using a mezzanine rack to maximize valuable floor space include:

  • Column spans are available up to 22 feet but custom designs can go larger
  • Simple to install and disassemble; can grow with your business
  • Increase storage without taking on extra expenses of a new warehouse such as lease payments and construction
  • Durable and top-of-the-line appearance with powder-coat paint

A mezzanine rack may be the right solution for your business if you are looking to avoid moving your entire business to a new location. Your exclusive mezzanine design and quality controlled fabrication ensure a quick and easy installation with a minimal amount of labor.